Recruitment Events 2020-2021


Welcome back for another amazing year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We hope to see you at our upcoming recruitment events and info nights! We will soon be updating the website with all safety instructions and restriction we will abide by due to COVID-19. 
Check out our FAQs page if you have any questions! 

Informal Tea

What is Informal Tea?

It's a mock interview and a preview to Formal Tea. At Informal Tea we will ask you questions similar to those that will be asked at Formal Tea. It's a way for you to practice your answers, get all the nerves out, and meet any sisters you haven't met before.  It's nothing to be nervous about! We want to help you prepare for Formal Tea and give you a chance to think about the types of questions we may ask. All of the questions will be about why you want to join, how you've gotten along with the active sisters and the other potential new members, why you think joining SAI will help you in the future, etc. As it says in the title, this is an informal event and nothing you say on this day will effect your performance during Formal Tea. 

Saturday, January 30

4:00pm - please set aside an hour and a half 

Over Zoom, email our VMP for Zoom Codes

Formal Tea

What is Formal Tea? 

Formal Tea is an interview process that stands as your official consideration into Sigma Alpha Iota. This is a formal event where the active sisters interview you, as a potential new members. We will ask similar questions as you heard in Informal Tea (see above). It is encouraged that after you attend Informal Tea you think about the questions we asked and prepare a genuine response for those in Formal Tea. Although this is an official event we don't want you to be nervous! Just be yourself and we will see how amazing you are! We will drink tea and have fun. Please wear business professional attire and bring a mug if you intend to drink tea (water and bags will be provided). 

Sunday, January 31

11:00am - please set aside an hour and a half

Over Zoom, email our VPM for Zoom Codes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join SAI if I am in another sorority? 

Of course! We are our own fraternity and are not affiliated with the Panhellenic Council. You are more than welcome to be in both or any other type of Greek life on campus!

What opportunities will I get through joining SAI? 

When you join SAI, you will be introduced to many things in both our chapter, and on the national level. You'll gain friendships like no other, receive leadership opportunities, service opportunities, scholarship opportunities, etc. 

What are the necessary qualifications to join? 

To join our sisterhood, you must have

  •   complete one music course through the university (Mus 130, 134, 169, 170) 

  •   a 2.75 or higher GPA

  •   a sincere love and passion for music 

We also have an interview process that begins with several fun recruitment events for us to get to know you, a mock-interview we call "Informal Tea", which is done in a group setting, and finally "Formal Tea" which is the last step in your recruitment process. 

What can I expect during recruitment and pledging? 

There will be a variety of recruitment events where active sisters are able to meet potential new members and one required informational meeting where you get to know our chapter a little better. We will then host an Informal and Formal Invite. During the informal you will experience our Formal recruitment process in a causal way. The sisters will interview you and you can ask any questions you may have. Then during the Formal Invite, the recruitment committee will conduct a more formal interview. Following Formal Invite, you may receive a bid; if you choose to accept you will pledge yourself to the fraternity. After, you will continue as a "Member in Training" where you will attend fraternity education classes to learn about our sisterhood. This will last about 4-5 weeks and will be followed with a National Exam. Once you pass the exam you will be initiated and become an active sister of Sigma Alpha Iota!

The process may seen long but all our events are fun and never stressful! The entire process is spread over a few months and, if you choose you, can drop out at any time. 


What is SAI's policy on hazing? 

Our chapter, along with the entirety of SAI, condemn all acts of hazing. We consider hazing to be any action or situation that recklessly or intentionally endangers someone's mental or physical health, or any action taken or situation created which produces mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule to our members/prospective members. We absolutely do NOT allow it. We're here to support our sisters and those around us in every way possible!


What are my obligations once I join the Fraternity? 

We have required chapter meeting each week of the school year, and they typically take an hour or less to complete. There are also required ceremonies and events such as our annual solo competition and senior ceremony as well as other events such as fundraisers, service, and social events. 

What are the financial obligations of SAI? 

Our financial obligation is very minimal; there are low semesterly dues. We occasionally pay individually for events or any type of merchandise. For more information, talk to a current sister or attend our info nights/recruitment events!

Why is SAI called a fraternity instead of a sorority? 

SAI was originally called a sorority, but in 1926, it was officially called a fraternity because "fraternity" refers to both men and women. Although there are no men at the undergraduate level, men are a part of this organization at the graduate and honorary level.

Still have questions?

Vice President of Membership, Isabel Gleason:

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By Editor, Chloe Stroz

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